Mariam Al Hasbani

A sociologist specialized in the field of gender and migration. She earned her doctorate degree in sociology in 2019. Her doctoral research examined the interrelationship between gender and Lebanese social scientists’ academic mobility. Between 2014 and 2017, she worked with a group of researchers on the research project “Lebanese academic mobility and knowledge production in social sciences” funded by the Arab Council for the Social Sciences (ACSS). Mariam carried out several research-stays at CEPED and participated in the seminars of the MobElites Observatory in 2018. Currently, she is working with a multidisciplinary team of researchers on the reconfiguration of higher education in Lebanon and its multiple effects particularly on the social and spatial mobility of Lebanese students.

Her research interests include, but not limited to the following areas; sociology of education, academic mobility, and gender and migration studies.


Mariam Al Hasbani. 2019. “Gender and Educational Mobility: Experiences of Lebanese Academics.” In Why Arab Youth Migrate: Research on Migration and Youth Prospects in the Region, edited by Morad Diani, 109-139. Beirut, Lebanon: Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (in Arabic)

Awada, Hala, Paul Tabar, Lama Kabbanji, and Mariam Al Hasbani. 2019. “Une lecture de la structuration du champ académique en sciences sociales au Liban : le cas de l’Université américaine de Beyrouth, de l’Université libanaise et de l’Université libano-américaine.” Idafat, no 45: 203 31 (in Arabic)

Lama Kabbanji, Hala Awada, Mariam Al Hasbani, Elsa El Hachem and Paul Tabar. 2019. “Studying Abroad: A Necessary Path towards a Successful Academic Career in Lebanon?” International Review of Sociology, 29:3, 390-408.

Selected Conference and Seminar presentations

Mariam Al Hasbani, 2018, “Lebanese Social Scientists’ Educational Migration: Determinants and Effects on Employment in Academia”, MobElites Observatory Seminar, Centre for Population and Development (CEPED), Paris, France, September 14.

Mariam Al Hasbani, 2017, “The Relationship between Gender and Lebanese Student Migration”, Seminar at the Arab Council for the Social Sciences (ACSS), Beirut, Lebanon, February 23.

Mariam Al Hasbani, 2017, “Social Sciences in Lebanon: Training and Careers of Social Scientists” International conference supported by the ISSC, Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, Kharazami University, Tehran, Iran, 26-27 April.

Mariam Al Hasbani, 2013, “Conceptualizing Gender in the Literature on Lebanese Migration”, Seminar at the Institute for Migration Studies (IMS), Lebanese American University (LAU), Beirut, Lebanon, April 12.

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